Thursday, May 24, 2012

What’s our fault if we are in a crisis?

While you are reading this, try to remember the words of those who are in charge. 

When they announced we were entering a period of crisis it almost seemed it was our fault. Like if choosing of undergoing this crisis or not was up to us.  You would have noticed also that they tried to make us feel guilty when they said “if you are a good citizen you have to sacrifice”.
Why they don’t start to behave like good politicians and stop wasting public money?
Why in Italy we desperately need 600.000 state cars?

Italy’s new home ownership tax (IMU) will collect € 3 billion. It wouldn’t be better nobody pays the IMU while the government cuts the members of parliament hyper-privileged pensions?
Why in Italy the cost of politics is the highest in Europe? Politicians should be an example first!

Luigi Foscale

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