Saturday, December 1, 2012

My Private Banking in Real Estate

Dear Friends,

This week’s op-ed is a letter, because I d like to share with you the reasons that led me to conceive the Real Estate Private Banking not only is effective but is actually necessary to overcome this moment of crisis.

First of all let’s see how this idea was born.

Since the end of the 90’s I began to manage my fortune. When I began I told myself: “if I lose, I lose my money, so you should do it the good way”. For this reason I did all I could, to work out the best possible outcome. 

After many analysis and in-depth studies, I had sensed that properties could provide continuous cash flows to uphold the living standards and a protection against Inflation.

And even if before the crisis, rental properties were almost boring for many financiers, I had taken my decision.

Today, after 4 years of persisting crisis, I have seen many of those financiers go bankrupt. In these years of crisis, I have seen many Hedge Fund ending belly up.

What’s weird is before the crisis, these people were like Einstein.
Likewise I have also seen that rental properties (if were good deals), they toughed it out.

Obviously real estate values went down too, however those who invested for the rental income in a time that was not the highest ever, nonetheless today is still very respectable.

As i said, 14 years ago, I started to manage my fortune. After a while some of my relatives came to me asking for advice and eventually even the management. In the meanwhile I organized myself and I have grown up until when, in 2006 I decided to quit my job as employee to start my own business. Since then an always growing number of people did contact me to be advised on real estate investment or to solve their financial problems.

If you want to contact me you can write to

A dear greeting with the deepest respect and admiration,

Luigi Foscale

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