Thursday, May 10, 2012

In Italy it’s getting harder

The crisis is here to stay and unfortunately with no glimmer of light. Governments don’t help the economic system because they are introducing new taxes, resulting in less consumer spending and exasperating people. The result is obviously the fall in consumer spending.

At this point I am wondering if the incumbent government forecasted all this. If they didn’t, they were negligent, If instead they took into account the worsening situation, they did not act for the good. In both cases this government demonstrated to be not enough reliable to handle this situation.

Along this line, the banks received their bailouts with a capital injection but they invested it in TB, and that was such a nonsense move: because the banks by channelling the money to TB did not lend the money to those businesses in desperate need and that’s why the economy got stuck. Today finding a way out might be really hard but dealing with a government that throws a monkey wrench in the works it’s so much worse .

All this story led to ask myself a question: the incumbent Italian government is really interested in solving the situation for the benefit of the Italian people?

The answer is up to you!

Luigi Foscale

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