Friday, May 25, 2012

Italy is a rich country with poor laws

Italy is unable to attract foreign investments if both the economic and the tax laws change every month. How could be possible that a government of experts is not able to solve such a major problem?

The funny aspect is government officials talk about laws before they have been even written them, but that’s fine. The problem is the huge time gap before a law comes into force and most of the times laws are written in very shady forms.

This fact leaves room for several interpretations of the legislative process.

If we want to provide steadiness to Italy as a government, we have to start from the legislative process: laws have to be simpler and to remain on for a longer time.

Unfortunately this is really difficult to happen so my suggestion is to learn to swim and find the way to float among the vortexes of the legal system.

Luigi Foscale 

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