Monday, May 14, 2012

Italy can’t stand political interference anymore

As a businessman, every time I learn a businessman took his own life, I get a lump in my throat. I feel an emotional state of total despair for a colleague who decided death was his only way out. Right after this, I feel my anger getting higher, because the news show goes on, by explaining the very reasons of it.

Today in Italy the leading cause of death for suicide it's the tax form's nonsense made by the Italian IRS.

Media call them suicides but the truth is these are “government-murders”. 

Government officials who are paid with six figure salaries shouldn't be allowed to slaughter their own fellow citizens. In such a sensitive time for our economy, the government that want to raise taxes is really committing a crime against its own citizens. Despite the present situation these gentlemen keep sending us absolutely ridiculous tax forms. The government isn't able to understand that it's already hard for a citizen to survive without taxes, you can figure out with a shot of snake venom in your system... 

In my opinion public officials are mentally incompetent to stand in our shoes of businessmen, nor to see from another's point of view, or to feel what another feels, they are completely careless and irresponsible people so they are simply guilty criminals. 

We are talking about people who in the name of their badge and the office they represent they feel authorized to behave the way they like, without even thinking that anytime they take a decision they are sealing the fate of another human being. 

This kind of behaviour held by our public officials reminds me of the government that ruled Germany back in the 30s….

If you are reading this post and you are thinking the Italian government is out of control, it means that time has come to say “enough is enough” we have to rise against the system! 

And to those politicians who are reading this post I would like them to know that it’s time for this government to go home and to call for Elections. 

With new elections we will have a new government, chosen by the people and who will do exactly what the people want in order to restart the economy. The question we need to ask ourselves is “what initiative has the incumbent government taken to restart the economy? 

Have you ever heard of “economic stimulus”?. In the past six months have you ever heard about Employment grants or right to work”? 

Luigi Foscale 

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