Saturday, May 19, 2012

What if this crisis was made on purpose?

What if this crisis was made on purpose? In order to answer to this question I need to pose another question: “we are at the beginning of the 90’s and you re a very powerful person and you want to shift the world balances what would you do? "
I tell you what I would do: First of all I would do a series of operations to undermine the basics of the big economies. Then I would cut the consumer spending in the U.S. 
To accomplish this, it would be sufficient plunging families into debt. Then I would suddenly transform nations in “regional entities” and I would allow the free circulation of capitals and people. This way poor countries would be able to compete with the rich ones, attracting investments thanks to economic policies that support foreign investors. 
At the same time I would increase bureaucracy in the Western countries, like for example in Italy. 
Unfortunately this is exactly what happened between 1992 and 2002. 
In a second phase I would hit those strong economies (that in the meanwhile have become fictitiously inflated) with various measures able to stop their economies.
My measures would be: raising the oil prices so that the real inflation skyrockets. I would fire up those world areas that are already politically unstable. Then I would take measures to create crisis in western countries businesses so to provoke mass-dismissals. 
Then I would hit the family savings. This happened too.
Hindsight, on purpose or not, those who control the world balances, they really did a great job if they wanted to create a wide spectrum world crisis.
Luigi Foscale


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