Monday, May 21, 2012

However at this point who wants the crisis?

In the years after WWII, the United States increased their economic, political and cultural powers, in a global scale. All other countries were smaller and meaningless on the global scale no matter how strong they could be.

So if some economy would have emerged, it could have done it, only by hitting the strong economies and the pro-americans. This seems exactly what happened.

Did you ever noticed the BRIC (Brasil, Russia, India and China) they are now in the center of the political, financial and media attention? Did you try to compare the media weight these countries had at the end of the 90’s or at the beginning of 2000? 

It’s ridiculous to see how much these economis grew, in all the fields. And if we add the middle East, we can easily understand today the balances have changed drastically.

Today, the United States are however very strong and I wish they will always be, however also other countries grew.

In all thes, the question is not just “how can I survive the crisis?” but also how can I take advantage from the crisis?”

Certainly if you grab how world balances change, you can hear the background noise of this movement. And if you get it you can follow it and forestall it.

Luigi Foscale

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