Monday, March 26, 2012

What's the Retire Rich?

Lately many are asking me "what about Retire Rich?". And every time they ask I thank them because they give me the opportunity to explain how their lives could possibly change for good.
Retire Rich is a Personal Investment Formula, in which the Automatic Incomes are higher than ordinary outcomes. Automatic Incomes (AC) are all those income sources you have, that do not necessitate more than two hours a month in order to be earned. Instead Ordinary Outcomes are monthly expenses including electricity bills, your kid's doctor, vacation holidays, tuition fees, tennis lessons, piano lessons, insurance and all those expenses that shape your lifestyle.
And when they ask me "when am I going to be into the Retire Rich phase?", I thank them once again, because they give me the chance to let them know the level of wealth is absolutely subjective.
Indeed 1.000 Euro per month is an average salary in Italy, while it's nothing for a Golf Pro. However those same 1.000 Euro might also save the lives of many African families.
In our case there's only one important thing: Automatic Incomes must be higher than ordinary expenses.
That's Retire Rich.
That's why is so important to commit yourself in order to reach automatic incomes that are higher than ordinary expenses.

However the economic aspect isn't the fundamental point about Retire Rich, because the real wealth is the Time you have at your disposal.When you are in the Retire Rich goldilocks zone, you can dedicate more time to what you like to do the most.
That's the real wealth.

Luigi Foscale

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