Friday, March 30, 2012

An important notice

Among the many questions people ask me on a daily basis, the one I prefer the best is "...wealth is just an economic matter?".

My answer is obviously "No!".

There's not real wealth, if, beyond the economic wealth, you don't have emotional richness.

There are people who have great fortunes but they miss love. This is not real wealth. There are many people who have a very deep emotional life but maybe they have economic troubles. Even in this case you can't talk about wealth.

The real wealth is when you are rich in all fields.

Here we try to provide you the tools to reach economic freedom, so you will be able to dedicate more time to those things that are the most important: your wellness, your relationships, your family, your pets and whatever you like to do in your life.

Always remember money is a mean not an end. And being a mean it stays as such. For this reason is important to know how to accumulate and how to manage it in a productive way for the times to come.

That's our mission.

Luigi Foscale

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