Saturday, March 31, 2012

The Investment Philosophy

Seeing is believing. Behind a great Business, there's always a great idea.
Especially in our case, if you want to adhere to Retire Rich you have to share the vision that revenues don't come uniquely from work, but from Automatic Income. When you reached the point when it’s the money that works for you, instead you work for the money, then you will have entered the Retire Rich Philosophy and you will be ready for the big jump.

The Retire Rich Philosophy is a real Copernican shift in the business world, because until today you were used to associate success to hard work. Everyday you read the news and you get literally bombarded by the unemployment issue. And the more they talk the more they get mad about it.
However there's a good news in this: From now on, it's not going to be that way anymore.

Ours is a real revolution that affects economic and social issues. We are not claiming that XX century Economists were wrong....quiet the contrary. We only would like to propose a new perspective, thanks to which, those who adopt it have the chance to live better. Or better they are able to live on a private income.

It's very important, to learn a new philosophy then you decide if you want to adopt it or not.

I guarantee you that those who adopted it, now they live wealthy.
Luigi Foscale
For those who don't know me yet, I would like to let them know I work an average of 12 hours per day, everyday: those who know me they know how hard I work to increase my incomes.

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