Saturday, May 12, 2012

Were the Baby Boomers right?

Unfortunately the coming generation will have to pay the many mistakes done by those who run the country today and by those who has run it in the past.
When I was a child the political and the financial establishments tried to convince me the right way to see things was theirs. In the meanwhile in our school, the teaching formula did not provide the student’s interaction nor an active participation of the students to the educational process. On the contrary we only had to listen and to learn what’s been made up for us.

On balance the figures show that what the financial big wigs claimed as the holy truth, it turned out to be a total failure. Besides, the educational system is now considering as absolutely necessary the student’s feedback.
Today in the most advanced education programs the students are asked to rate their teachers in a sort of evaluation scheme.

This can be considered as weird in an old and stuck education system but that’s exactly what’s happening now. Indeed if we are in this world crisis the reason is the failure of the old financial system and the lack of a basic economic education at all levels.

When you become an adult, you need to deal with all sort of things like a bank account, the interest rate, buying a home, the rent. Anyone sooner or later will have to deal with a lawyer. It’s my personal wish to provide everyone the necessary tools to understand what’s going on and to train your eye to be critical.
This blog’s mission is to help you becoming financially free because if you still rely on government and those who run it, you re not going to sleep well.

You re the only one who can provide yourself your own economic freedom.
So even if the fact that the crisis is lying over our shoulders is not fair, everyone of us should be able to take care of him/herself and start building her/his own wealth.

Luigi Foscale


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