Friday, May 11, 2012

They create the situation and we pay. Is that fair to you?

One of my main worries is each government requires its citizens shared sacrifice in the name of austerity. In other words they are paving the way to more taxes. All this is alarming, not only because we’ll have to pay more but because it’s already well proven that austerity is an ineffective measure to restart economic growth.
Those who run the country, makes daily disasters and despite this fact they get a six figure salary. While we the citizens are required austerity.
This is really unfair for those who worked for a lifetime and don’t have a pension and it’s unfair for those young people who never had the chance of a real job, finding themselves under a mountain of debt that has been generated by those old people who came before them.
The main point here is we are not able to cut to the government spending, this is the real problem.
Luigi Foscale


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