Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Why talking about the crisis?

I thank who asked me this question.
If I write about the crisis is because I would like my readers to understand what we don’t want to happen. The path to our wealth begins with learning “what we don’t want” from life.
If you know it since the beginning, once you have to face situations that “don’t belong to you” you will be able to spot them right away and say “I don’t want this, I’d rather be rich”.

Until today I have been writing introductory posts whose goal was to demonstrate it is absolutely necessary having an education about assets and incomes. So I talked about the crisis because we have to know what caused the crisis, only then we’ll be able to know how to get an asset that is profitable. 
Before acting it’s important to have the complete picture of what’s going on. Eventually you may decide if and when playing your cards. My goal at this stage is to let you know what’s going on.
Then you could decide by yourself what you want and begin to build your wealth.
Luigi Foscale

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