Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Luigi Foscale answers on Real Estate Investments

Today an investor posed me a smart question, which I would like to extend to all of my blog readers. Obviously any reference has been changed on purpose so that the person cannot be identified. John asked me “properties are easy to buy but when I purchase a building with ten apartments, could the business become more difficult?”

Even if you buy a property of 10, 100 or 1000 apartments, you get the same duties, but clearly you deal with a different value.

The key factor, that I wish to share here is that a building is the sum of many apartments and so if you know how to buy an apartment well, you definitely are able know how to buy well a whole building with more rentals.

Buying properties is easy but the due diligence is the stage that requires more attention to detail so you need a good team of lawyers, business consultants, notaries, and real estate experts. Such a team could make the difference and your purchase much more easy. When it’s about business I always advise to rely on the Field experts.

Luigi Foscale

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