Tuesday, May 15, 2012

They taught us to be poor

So here we are, the members of Generation X. We haven’t had the opportunity of a cutting-edge education because our School program was focused on the study of the past and not about the present.
Back in the days, the school system at any level, exclusively provided a “classical” education, almost completely focused on humanities. Regarding our program, all of our professors followed a historical chronological order in developing their course and they wanted us to center most of our attention on the Classical antiquity period. Often in the final classes like in sixth or twelfth grade our professors weren’t able to deal with present times, they just reached the end of XIX century or the half of XX century. It was like if our school had a sort of adversity for anything contemporary and whatever would be connected to it.

While in sixth grade, the only reference to our present time was a hour a week of Civics but not even a minute was about economics or any financial topic.
Today the same idea of knowledge cannot be defined without referring to at least one of these two subjects. The immediate result is our generation had to take care of itself regarding its own financial literacy.
Honestly I think humanities are important but I think the school did not provide me with even the basic tools to handle my finances.
Until I was 18 I studied everything I was supposed to but nobody taught me how to manage my assets, despite being it necessary for every individual in order to survive. Eventually during my University years and after that, during my post-graduate programs, I had the chance to study in depth, some crucial aspects of our economic system.

However even while attending these schools I haven’t been taught how to build my fortune or how to make it grow.

The course of studies I have pursued would perfectly fit for someone whose career goal is working in the government or as a professional but not as a businessman.
In fact I was never taught how to become a businessman and when I say “businessman” I mean someone whose skills and knowledge allow him to invest his own money in any industry in order to make a profit.

Luigi Foscale


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