Friday, April 27, 2012

The Retire Rich literacy is absolutely crucial

This blog will keep you up-to date with the hottest market-strategies.
The majority of people are not able to spot a good advice from a bad one. So it’s absolutely imperative knowing the business basics. My blog has the ambition to teach you how to Think Rich, a way of thinking maybe you never experienced before and if you did, well you can still use my creative inputs for additional opportunities or new perspectives.
In our schools they teach you all kind of stuff (and that’s fine) however they don’t teach you how to manage your assets. I think it is necessary to provide a smattering on interest rates, bank op-costs, incomes and taxes. Doing so you will be able to teach your fellow citizens how to save their own money as everyone of us once we are adult we have to deal with banks, taxes, etc.
So you can create yourself an alternative space, an information source where you can learn the strategies on how to build your own fortune and how to grow your money.

Luigi Foscale

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