Thursday, April 26, 2012

Do you want to profit from the Crisis?

Whether it is true that many at this time are losing their savings, it’s also true that others are making profits from it. For example the banks now are making a fortune and if you want to make it too, you have to enter their Ballpark and then you want to make your home run.
In order to get into their game, you have to catch on the activity of a Commercial Bank. The bank buys money from those who deposit the cash on their checking and savings account, then the bank re-sell it to those who ask them for the money.
The gap between the two transactions is the bank’s profit.
If you multiply it for thousands of daily operations you can easily make yourself a picture on how much do they make from the banking daily business.
Today you can enter their ballpark and play the same game they play. And it’s so easy. When you catch on it, you can really make buku-bucks.
You buy a property with a mortgage and you find the way to pay the mortgage installment with the rent. This way you re the estate’s owner but it’s your tenant who is paying it for you. You just have to make sure the rent’s amount is higher than your mortgage’s installment rate.
If it happens you have a certain amount of cash you can also buy properties without a mortgage.
If you manage to enter this ballpark, you can hit the Retire Rich state very quickly.

Luigi Foscale

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