Sunday, April 29, 2012

Luigi Foscale Answers. To be or not to be.

Today a friend of a friend asked me a question: “I have a stock portfolio and I lost a fortune. Do you advise me to sell or to hold my shares? 
First of all I thanked him for asking me that question because he gave me the chance of an in-depth analysis about a very sensitive issue: The Crossroads. 
Crossroads are crucial dilemmas that in times of crisis afflict people quiet often: Should I sell my stock at loss or should I keep it? that’s a real dilemma.
In order to provide you with the right answer, you should consider every possible option. However it is important to let people understand the subject that follows. Even if it’s a complex issue it can become easier if you take the right steps to analyze your situation and what's going on in the market. If there's a chance the stock price will go up you should keep your shares. Differently you better sell it and then choose to invest in something that offers you a wider range of growth opportunity. 
If you have any doubt or concern about your financial situation and you wish to be advised on your specific case, please feel free to drop me a line, I will be happy to help.
Luigi Foscale

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