Saturday, April 14, 2012

What should I do if a Great Inflation occurs?

When you read the news and you see general price level rising like crazy, you realize a big Inflation is coming. And if you manage a portfolio then you certainly heard about "Inflation Risk Protection". You may also have noticed Inflation is always defined in negative terms.
Personally I prefer to shift my point of view and see it the positive way. In these times I ask myself "What type of investment is able to increase its value more than the inflation rate?"
If you ask yourself a question (What should I do if a Great Inflation occurs?), what for many is a reason to worry, for you might be a real opportunity. When you will read in the news that prices are rising, then you'll think your assets value is rising too. Automatically. 
So what's the best to invest in?
In products whose value increase more than the Inflation.
Rental Properties is one of the best.
Luigi Foscale

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