Monday, February 18, 2013

A Real Retire Rich Story

This week I would like to submit you a very interesting case study that it was also showed on Discovery Channel’s “Europe’s richest people”. 
Indeed I think it’s extremely important to study rich people, how they did make their fortune and how did they manage to keep their wealth along the years.
I won’t reveal this person’s name for now but I can anticipate he’s a famous pop singer who went through some real hard times before he made it and who during his long career he collected something like 87 among gold and platinum discs. 
What’s interesting however is the fact that instead of squandering all of his money in a short time or living a losing life which would had ended in misery, like many people in the sport or in the show business, (among them even some American basketballer who at the latest London Olympics instead of focusing on his own job, tried to pick up another discipline’s gold medallist girl who was instead very smart and flatlined him).
During his whole career our singer saved up a fortune of about $110 million and he has been living with his wife for more than 40 years. Together they have four children, nine grandchildren and a beautiful dog.
I think it’s a great example of a Retire Rich story. 
How did he do it? 
Let’s study together the money psychology of this Retire Rich leader.
First of all he knew the show business was an erratic world and our singer was enough smart he knew money had to be invested in real estate.
With this simple-as-abc statement our singer managed to build a fortune along the years. 
It’s amazing to see how such a very simple statement may change a man’s destiny. He was convinced that in an erratic environment you needed financial stability. 
And he was right.
While you are reading these words, you understand you can adopt these beliefs too, you understand your financial destiny depends on what your beliefs are. Rich beliefs attract wealth.
In addition, our singer pronounced some words that could be considered as a real manifesto: “Always invest in the brick ‘cause it’s steady….it’s one of the best investments ever”. “Bricks can’t be spent, they’re there…. I am not a great businessman, my job is singing.”
“Always invest in the brick.“
”’s one of the best investments...”
“...Bricks can’t be spent...”
While reading these words, you understand that the right intuition about money can also lead you to wealth.
Attention and care over his fortune in the early years allowed this singer to keep his wealth. 
“How to handle money is very important in today’s world”.
“You have to be careful.”
“You could have made millions, and find yourself with your bank account empty.”
“Always look after your money.”
This is an entrepreneurial lesson. You have to learn how to manage your money.
Would you know what he invested on?
Our singer bought homes and hotels in different places: Las Vegas, Hawaii and Mexico. One of his best buy was the Pink Palace in Los Angeles, that he bought in the 70’s from a Hollywood diva for a knockdown price and which he sold in 2002 for $4 million. 
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Don’t forget properties are the best investment as stated by a millionaire who has been accumulating properties for 40 years.
Our singer’s name is Engelbert Humperdinck.
He knows what life worth...
I really admire him and I wish to be an example like him one day. 
Luigi Foscale

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