Sunday, May 6, 2012

What can we do to restart Italy?

As an Italian who lived a great part of his own life abroad, I am deeply convinced Italy has a unique competitive advantage: Tourism. 

Italy’s uniqueness lies in its Art heritage: Venice, Florence, Verona, Rome, are Open air Museums. The Renaissance, the Roman Empire, and the history of Catholicism all have a tremendous historical appeal to foreign visitors. Besides, we have Tourist destinations whose attractiveness lies in its glamour, like Portofino, Cortina, Forte dei Marmi, the Amalfi Coast and Sardinia. Then we have the shopping attractions like Milano that is the world fashion capital. if Italy is the Kingdom of food and cooking, the Chiantishire is its Queen. Although we still have many more interesting places to be discovered yet. 

What I do expect from those who run this country is a real Tourism Support Policy. 

Regarding tourism the best organized country is France. Why couldn’t Italy be so well organized as France? I am deeply convinced we can and maybe do much more”. 

We just need the will to do it. 

Tomorrow I’ll tell you how. 

Luigi Foscale 

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