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Kelly Taylor of Beverly Hills 90210 is a positive icon for new generations

Who doesn’t remember of Kelly Taylor from the hit tv series Beverly Hills 90210?
Kelly today has two marriages ended in divorce and from her second she had three children.
Kelly’s career skyrocketed with Beverly Hills 90210 a prime time television drama that aired on the FOX network from 1990 until 2000 for a total of 10 seasons in which she appeared in 292 episodes.
Now we read in the news that she is got a “down to earth” attitude about spending money.
"I'm nothing like Kelly Taylor. In fact, Beverly Hills is not my scene at all. Yes, I live in L.A. but I don't live in a mansion with a cook and a butler." "Every day, I get up and make breakfast for my girls. I sit on the rug during story time at my daughter's school"Every minute is precious, and now more than ever, every dollar I bring home, or manage to save, means more safety and security for my family and our future””. 
Some malicious gossipmongers commented this recent statement with her recent divorce and by assuming that she’s in financial troubles.
From my point of view these comments are just meaningless as in my vision, at least from what she says, she’s got instead what I call some common sense. A mother who cares about her children and spend time with them is an excellent model for the young generations.

Back in the 90’s she was a model for teen-agers who are today’s family mothers. 

In fact In September 2008, Garth returned to the role of Kelly Taylor on the series premiere of the CW Network's spinoff series, 90210. In the new series, Garth's character Kelly Taylor is now a guidance counselor at West Beverly High, a role that perfectly fits with the 41 years old actress.

In real life, Garth and her children just moved out from their 8,416 square feet Toluca Lake home, who she bought together with Twilight actor Peter Facinelli, back in 2005 for the price of $2.85 million and which they have now put back in the market for $5,995,000 after having spent an undisclosed amount to renovate it.

After her latest divorce from Peter Facinelli, Jenie became a divorced single mom and together with her kids she just moved into a Los Olivos ranch with four dogs, two goats, five cats, two small horses and a pig.

In many occasions Garth stood up for animal rights and because of this she’s got all my respect as I am an animal activist too. Obviously today is more newsworthy the fact that a Hollywood actress stays home with her kids rather than the ordinary news of someone who got caught for drugs-related crimes or for a hit-and-run under DUI.

Today a mother who stays home and at the same time is a (successful) actress is big time news, as a matter of fact being this the case, I totally relate to my wife who besides being a great businesswoman, she took a wise decision to stay home with our kid and personally grow him . That’s why she sold the famous Teatro Nuovo, one of the most important theaters in Milano. Obviously the choice of being just a mom, is absolutely a respectful choice, because motherhood is the most important job ever.

Some media speculated on Jennie Garth’s comment about money in a negative way, “every dollar I bring home, or manage to save, means more safety and security for my family and our future”.

Instead this comment reminds me a lot Benjamin Franklin famous say: “a penny saved is a penny earned”.

I actually think that her attitude about saving and about financial security has led her to be a rich person under many aspects. Or at least I assume so.

Let’s start with the fact that Jennie Garth appeared in 292 episodes of Beverly Hills 90210 running from 1990 to 2000, that’s a ten years total. Let’s consider for a moment that under a financial point of view she can only rely on the fortune she made with this series. 

In order to net her incomes, let’s consider that the amount of her revenues for season remained the same along the years.

Let’s take some standard assumptions, because in this exercise we want to determine not the actress’ exact financial position but a more general approximate picture.

If we assume that with Beverly Hills 90210, back in the 90’s she made $30.000 for episode, Jennie made about 8.760.000 in 11 years, that means an income of about $800.000 a year. Let’s take these 800k as her whole income from the year 1990 to 2000.

At this point we could ask ourselves how much of that big amount of yearly incomes has been spent and how much is left out for investments and what kind of investment she made.

Here we present some possible scenarios:

The first picture is the one in which the person is lured by easy money and she spends all she gets. She doesn’t have a buck for investing and so she won’t have any potential income source. If Jennie had made this choice, now for her it would be very hard because she had to work to support her family, not considering her Alimony check.

I really wish she doesn’t fall in this picture.

The second scenario can be defined almost as “hilarious”.

Let’s speculate that for every working year of her life she only spent 20% of her total income and the remaining 80% she invested it in a series of 1 bedroom apartment in Upper East side Manhattan.

If this is the picture, her lifestyle would had been more sober during her working years, because instead of spending $800k per year she would had spent $160k circa. That’s always $13k per month, which during the 90’s was big money.

In this scenario, in 11 years of work she would had saved about $7 million, with which, back in the 90’s she could had bought 29 apartments for an average price of 240.000 bucks each. In this scenario, today she would had an estate of more than $14 million and an average value for each apartment of about $500k.

If this was the case, today she would had automatic incomes for more than $500.000 per year.

Not too bad…..

The third scenario is even more sparkling.

Let’s speculate she saved the 80% of her pay, like in the New York apartments case. If during the 90’s she had bought a 1 bedroom apartment in the best area of the Rumenian Capital, Bucharest, she would had bought at an average price of $30.000 per unit and now she would had more than 230 apartments.

Averagely, in 2013 those Bucharest apartments have an estimated value of $130.000, so her assets today would had been of over $30.000.000 and it would give her about $1.000.000 per year.

In practice if she had saved her money and invested in Bucharest, today she would had greater incomes than those she made working for the whole Beverly Hills series.

Obviously investing in East Europe it’s kind of difficult and you have to have the right connections there, I mean you have to work with people you trust and it’s thanks to this sort of “entrance filter” that today you can still make interesting profits in a city like Bucharest. 

At this point I really wish Jennie had invested in real estate.

I conclude by saying that if during the 90’s, she had the same saving attitude she has today, at present she could had stayed with her family and spend quality time with her kids without worrying for anything.

She just by had to keep her account book right checking her incomes and outcomes.

I wish instead she did not let herself get caught in the wave of buying properties and making too much building improvements like it seems she did with her Toluca Lake home, because the market would not recognize her today, indeed it seems that home is still stuck on sale with the same pricetag.

In this article we saw how much important is saving your money, but how even more important is investing in real estate.

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Luigi Foscale
Why if Benjamin Franklin makes a statement everybody applauds, while whether a good looking female says the same thing the very same crowd puts her down? I would like to debunk the false myth that an attractive person cannot be also smart and intelligent on a several levels: financially because she knows how to manage her assets and emotionally because she stays home with her children. All my respect to the attractive women who are also clever and a big applause to my wife who gives me the inspiration for this article. In fact still at today the under-representation of women in influential position are still a problem, all over the world, and this is a very serious matter because if we keep women out of our game we give up a crucial human resource who can instead make an enormous difference in our own future.