Saturday, June 30, 2012

What do you think about yourself?

Now I want to ask you a question. How do you see yourself in terms of wealth? Do you see yourself as rich? or as a poor man? Do you think you can afford all of your monthly expenses? What If you stop working right now? how many months you can keep up with your present lifestyle?
If your answer is like "I have not-saved enough-money", "I am in trouble", "I am drowning in debt", you are in the wrong way. In this kind of situation, my advice is to completely change your point of view.
But if your answer is positive, you are on the right way, the one that allows you to become rich.
Luigi Foscale

Friday, June 29, 2012

The future of Housing

There is a new trend in Housing, and it is described on this article on 
Some bad urban areas are becoming attractive to real estate investors. Retire Rich keeps you up-to-date with the latest industry and market trends! 
Stick around!
Luigi Foscale

Thursday, June 28, 2012

How to Win over the Crisis

There is only one way to Win the Crisis. You should think of this Crisis not as a "Debt-Crisis" but as a "Wasting-Crisis".

There are too many Financial Managers in both the Government and in private Companies who are wasting money.
A debt per se is not bad or good, it's just a debt. If the debt creates business, then it is considered as good. If the debt is used to pay unnecessary costs, then it's a waste of money.

Now it's time to cut some spending.

Luigi Foscale




Wednesday, June 27, 2012

From now on, your future is up to you

What are you now? You are the product of your thoughts, your ideas, projects, desires. And the thing you mostly focused on, is your actual status. 

As per consequences, your present stream of consciousness will create your future. So from now on, it is absolutely key to pick up rich and powerful thoughts. 

Luigi Foscale 

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Hard times for the Middle Class

If you are a Middle-Class folk, you have been losing up to 40% of your wealth in the last 4 years, as CNN wrote in this page. According to the Federal Reserve's Survey of Consumer Finance, the bad news is that the scenario is now very difficult.

You should be very careful when you decide what to invest in. Of course you need a strong financial education in order to create and protect your wealth.

Luigi Foscale

Saturday, June 23, 2012

Friday, June 22, 2012

It's up to you


...It's up to you.

You can decide to be rich or to be poor. You are right either way as we believe in freedom. It's up to you what decision you are going to take.

Luigi Foscale

Thursday, June 21, 2012

A bad feeling is a good feeling

...When feeling bad leads to feeling good...
The power of your mind lies within your emotional sphere.
All of us have emotions. I tend to think there are only two types of emotions: negative and positive. Your emotions are generated by your thoughts. If your thoughts are in tune with your desires you feel fine. If they are not, you are going to feel bad.
I am sure you know when you are feeling stressed, anxious, angry or in any other bad mood. After a negative circle of emotions, you get deeper and deeper in the dark. 
Now you have a new way to achieve your desire. When you have a negative feeling, your mind is informing you that you are thinking about something you don't want. That's why you re feeling bad. 
Last year a friend of mine asked me: "Luigi, are you saying to me that I should be thankful to my negative feelings?".
That's right my friend! That's Exactly what I meant!
When you feel blue, in fact you should be happy, because in that specific moment your body is telling you: "Hey, Stop thinking about those awful things!". Feeling bad is like a warning sign, and it means you are getting away from what you desire. But, if you feel good, you are on the right path.
Now, you have the key to understand your thoughts. So next time you don’t feel well, please stop doing what you are doing. Switch your position. Take some time off, even one minute, and pick something you like best. Listen to your favourite music, take your dog out or play your favourite instrument. 
Do something you really like to do!
Now, you have the key. You decide about your future.
Starting from now, your dreams will turn real.
Luigi Foscale


Wednesday, June 20, 2012

The Future will be Low Cost, by Luigi Foscale

Let’s focus on the Real Estate Market of the main world cities. 

Until yesterday, upper class people used to live in central or residential areas, usually in huge apartments, penthouse, or luxury villa rigorously downtown. I remember it was kind of difficult to find a nice property downtown Milano and those who owned one of those places, were considered super lucky or super rich. 

Today, we have a new scenario. If you check the apartment listings, you will find plenty of those downtown luxury apartments. Why? 

Because of what we can define it as an Epochal shift. 

Today things have completely changed and everything is different. This is not only a market signal, but also the sign of a major social change. You know, Real Estate Market follows social shifts. In the future everyone will live in smaller and cheaper units because of the rising cost of living. 

The main point is: how can I take advantage from such a change? In a few days I will let you know how to buy Low Cost apartments both for living or investment. 

Luigi Foscale

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Monday, June 18, 2012

Luigi Foscale's 4-Step Strategy. The now factor

If your plan is to become rich collecting Real Estate Properties and you re starting from scratch, this is the place you want to start from and where you'll find the most useful tools for your plan to take off.
Although these are just words and they are destined to remain words if you don't turn them into practice. Thus you need to start right away as you can't postpone your destiny. So don't wait for your future to come and pick you up.
If you want to change your life you have to take action yourself and take it now!
Let's get busy!
Luigi Foscale

Saturday, June 16, 2012

Luigi Foscale's 4-Step Strategy. Cool your system by Relaxing 15 minutes every single day

The most important 15 minutes of your day.
During the day you have thousands of thoughts. Some of them are good, but sometimes you have worrying, disturbing, racing thoughts. These racing thoughts may cause you anxiety and stress.
In order to better understand your mind, let me give you a simple example: Imagine your mind as an engine. The faster it goes the higher the temperature. Because of this simple physics, you need to cool your system down, every day for at least 15 minutes a day. Start right now!
There are many good ways to relax your mind: you can do Yoga, Pilates, Autogenic Training, Deep Breathing, Chiropractic and some martial arts. I am not interested in providing you with the best way to relax, because that's a totally subjective choice. The important thing you should be aware of, it's the fact that in order to work at its best, your mind needs to relax and it needs it every single day. 
My Relaxation technique is called SRI Somato-Respiratory-Integration and I do NSA Network-Spinal-Analysis once a month. My Therapist is Dr. Dominique Hort MD.
If you have no idea about how to relax, I suggest you to close your eyes and start breathing deeply and slowly, through your nose only. Try focusing on your breathe only. When you feel your mind is flying away, just go back focusing on your breathe.
The key is you have to find the practice that better fits for yourself, and then relax your engine every single day for at least 15 minutes.
When you cool down your mind, you take control of your life and you don’t let stress take over your life.
Luigi Foscale


Friday, June 15, 2012

Luigi Foscale answer. Is the impossible, possible?

Of course yes.
If you want to improve your financial situation, you need to start thinking what you really want and see yourself as if you already own the object of your desire. Sounds too good to be truth? In fact this is very real... You just need to imagine yourself as if you already had what you desire. 
For example, if you want a new car you go visit a car dealer and schedule a test drive. After the drive you have to imagine yourself still driving that car. Stay focused on that emotion. 
Your time is now. 
My suggestion is: "do it right now!". Don't delay your dreams nor store them in your “someday” ideals, like “when I am rich I will have…” , because in such a situation you are telling yourself “I don’t have that thing and never do”. Be positive, stay focused on the present and be aware the best time to act is now.
If you stay focused on your will you'll be amazed to discover that sooner than what you imagine you can manifest whatever you want. 
Luigi Foscale

Thursday, June 14, 2012

Luigi Foscale’s 4-Step Strategy for Building a Real Estate Portfolio – Step 1: Control your Mind

Yesterday, I introduced you Luigi Foscale's 4-Step Strategy. Today I am really glad to present you the first of four Steps to build up a Real Estate Portfolio. 
Control your Mind. 
The most important point, in creating a Real Estate Portfolio, is take Control of your Mind. 
Even if you think that's difficult, you'll find your way to deal with this thing, and that will be easy and fun. I promise you.
First of all you need to know there are 3 possible situations: Positive Thinking, Not-Positive Thinking and Negative Thinking.
The Positive Thinking. If you see yourself as a rich person and while thinking about it, you feel happy, joyful or with any other positive feeling, you are on your way. This is the perfect mindset to create what you desire. 
But, if in your day-dreaming you visualize your dream-car and you only focus on how much money you are missing out to buy that car, then you are developing anger, stress, anxiety and/or any other negative emotion because of it, you are focusing on your lack of money. In this scenario you are attracting a poor future. This is a Not-Positive Thinking.
Furthermore, if you see yourself as a poor person, and you focus on your debts and failure and you feel such disturbing emotions, you are attracting a negative future. This is the Negative Thinking. Now how do you know you are in the right Mindset? Just listen to yourself and to your emotions. If you imagine your future as a rich man and you feel positive about it, just keep it this way. When you have negative feelings, that’s a warning sign that indicates you took the wrong turn. when you feel negative about something, just hold on, and try to turn your negative thoughts into positive beliefs. Now, Imagine yourself driving your dream-car and you re feeling that positive emotion right now. That's the right way to start your positive thinking.
Just listen to your emotions and when you feel it as necessary, hold on and focus on what you like to do best
Your future is now and it's in your hands.
Luigi Foscale


Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Luigi Foscale's 4-Step Strategy for Building a Real Estate Portfolio

Today, we start Luigi Foscale's 4-Step Strategy for Building a Real Estate Portfolio and, on following days, we will focus every single step.

The first step for building a real estate portfolio is your Mindset. If you do desire to create a portfolio of properties, your dream is becoming true. You need to strongly desire it.

The second step, is to understand which kind of real estate you need. From one side, you can invest in a property you like, on the other side, it could be different to invest in property that make you rich. I suggest the second choices and you will see it.

The third step, is to create your Team for investing. A good lawyer, a good real estate agent and a property manager, will help you in your business. Even if you could think to be a self made man, you need a strong Team.

The fourth step, is to start your search, and you will learn how to Make an Offer.

Follow Luigi Foscale's 4-Step Strategy for Building a Real Estate Portfolio. You will be satisfied.

Luigi Foscale

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Real Estate is the Secret

If you invest in Real Estate on the long term you will have a bigger capital. This is due to the Inflation, as I previously said.
Furthermore, if you invest in a Rental Property, you will also have a steady income. The combination of Capital Increase and Rental Income will give you the opportunity to understand there is no better investment than Real Estate.
Now you can ask me: Is every property good for investing?
Obviously the answer is “It depends” because each property has its own fundamentals: square feet, price, location, floor, taxation… And often what appears to be a very good deal, at the end of the day it's not so good.
If you want to be rich and live from rentals, you should be very careful about what you buy and where. Choosing the best property is the most difficult part of the Real Estate business, especially if your plan is to pile up a portfolio of properties.
If you ask me: how can I find a good property for me?

Well you can’t be in a better place, as this blog aims at providing to its readers with all the fundamental tools to understand what it takes to be in the Real Estate business, and how to find the property that suits you best.  
Luigi Foscale

Sunday, June 10, 2012

The time for Bargain is now

Trust in me. It's Bargain time for Property Buyers.
Thanks to the Debt Crisis, the time for the great deals is back. 
For CNN Money, the United States is a great place to invest in the housing market, Italy is an interesting place too. There are really great deals in Italy, take a look at this Apartment in Florence .If you want to know more about some great locations at an amazing price, please contact me by email at
All the best!
Luigi Foscale

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Europe or Germany?

Dear Reader,

What is your opinion? Who is stronger: Europe or Germany?

Luigi Foscale

Saturday, June 2, 2012

Un buon consiglio

Quando ricevi un consiglio che ti sembra buono, sei di fronte ad un dilemma.

Potrai sapere se era stato buono solamente dopo che hai preso la decisione. C’è una differenza abissale tra un buon consiglio, e dare bene un cattivo consiglio.

Per capire se il consiglio sarà buono, devi prima studiare il track record di chi ti sta di fronte. Se il track record non è soddisfacente, stai molto attento. Il track record è la pagella o il curriculum vite di chi hai di fronte.

Luigi Foscale

A good advice

The ultimate dilemma is: to follow or not a good financial advice? You will find out if it was good or not only after you took that decision.

There is a big difference from a sexy but poor advice and a good advice.

Good advices usually aren’t that sexy.

However when you find yourself in such a situation, you can always study the track record of whoever is giving you the advice before taking any decision. If the Advisor has not a good track record, be very careful.

Track record is like a score or a cv.

Luigi Foscale


Friday, June 1, 2012

Chi è in grado di insegnarti a diventare ricco?

Solamente una persona ricca, che, grazie alla sua strategia, è diventato ricco, può insegnarti a diventare ricco.

Ci sono alcuni professionisti che sono diventati ricchi, e sanno come farlo; questi sì che possono insegnare come diventare ricchi.

 Purtroppo, ce ne sono molti altri, che credono (anzi, se la credono) di avere la ricetta magica per diventare ricchi, pur sapendo che sono solo fregnacce. Quando incontri uno che crede di sapere come diventare ricco, semplicemente chiedigli se anche lui usa la strategia che ti vorrebbe insegnare. E poi, chiedigli se è diventato ricco. Se non lo è, o se ti risponde in modo vago, stai molto attento. Questa formula “magica” magari non è proprio così “magica”. È solo un buon modo per fregarti.

Il mio consiglio è quindi di analizzare sempre cosa fa chi ti da dei consigli.

Luigi Foscale

Who can teach you how to become rich?

Only somebody who already reached his financial success through his own formula, can teach you how to generate wealth. There are good professionals who became wealthy and now they want to share their own know-how. 
On the other hand, there are hundreds of poor professionals who (only think) they know the best formula to become rich. When you meet one of these professionals, ask them if the formula they are teaching you is their own. Then ask them if they are rich. If they are not rich, if they don’t use that formula, or if they don’t answer your question in a clear accurate way, be very careful. This “good” formula, may not be so “good” but just a rip off. 
My advice is to do a background check of every professional/Advisor you deal with. 
Luigi Foscale