Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Real Estate is the Secret

If you invest in Real Estate on the long term you will have a bigger capital. This is due to the Inflation, as I previously said.
Furthermore, if you invest in a Rental Property, you will also have a steady income. The combination of Capital Increase and Rental Income will give you the opportunity to understand there is no better investment than Real Estate.
Now you can ask me: Is every property good for investing?
Obviously the answer is “It depends” because each property has its own fundamentals: square feet, price, location, floor, taxation… And often what appears to be a very good deal, at the end of the day it's not so good.
If you want to be rich and live from rentals, you should be very careful about what you buy and where. Choosing the best property is the most difficult part of the Real Estate business, especially if your plan is to pile up a portfolio of properties.
If you ask me: how can I find a good property for me?

Well you can’t be in a better place, as this blog aims at providing to its readers with all the fundamental tools to understand what it takes to be in the Real Estate business, and how to find the property that suits you best.  
Luigi Foscale

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