Thursday, June 14, 2012

Luigi Foscale’s 4-Step Strategy for Building a Real Estate Portfolio – Step 1: Control your Mind

Yesterday, I introduced you Luigi Foscale's 4-Step Strategy. Today I am really glad to present you the first of four Steps to build up a Real Estate Portfolio. 
Control your Mind. 
The most important point, in creating a Real Estate Portfolio, is take Control of your Mind. 
Even if you think that's difficult, you'll find your way to deal with this thing, and that will be easy and fun. I promise you.
First of all you need to know there are 3 possible situations: Positive Thinking, Not-Positive Thinking and Negative Thinking.
The Positive Thinking. If you see yourself as a rich person and while thinking about it, you feel happy, joyful or with any other positive feeling, you are on your way. This is the perfect mindset to create what you desire. 
But, if in your day-dreaming you visualize your dream-car and you only focus on how much money you are missing out to buy that car, then you are developing anger, stress, anxiety and/or any other negative emotion because of it, you are focusing on your lack of money. In this scenario you are attracting a poor future. This is a Not-Positive Thinking.
Furthermore, if you see yourself as a poor person, and you focus on your debts and failure and you feel such disturbing emotions, you are attracting a negative future. This is the Negative Thinking. Now how do you know you are in the right Mindset? Just listen to yourself and to your emotions. If you imagine your future as a rich man and you feel positive about it, just keep it this way. When you have negative feelings, that’s a warning sign that indicates you took the wrong turn. when you feel negative about something, just hold on, and try to turn your negative thoughts into positive beliefs. Now, Imagine yourself driving your dream-car and you re feeling that positive emotion right now. That's the right way to start your positive thinking.
Just listen to your emotions and when you feel it as necessary, hold on and focus on what you like to do best
Your future is now and it's in your hands.
Luigi Foscale


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