Friday, March 28, 2014


1. About us
After reading the following articles, you will know about my unique roots.
1.1. Index
1.2. Bio of Luigi Foscale
1.3. My Private Banking in Real Estate
1.4. How To follow our Community on the Media
1.5. Links and Friend

2. The New Theory of Automatic Income
This Theory set a new Economic Law, and it's turning the Economic Markets upside down.

2.5. Live from Rentals
2.6. The Wealth & Health Manifesto

3. Psychology of Rich
Like an Iceberg, to see the visible, you must know that the IN-Visible part is much more bigger. In here we will make the IN-Visible, Visible.

5. Luigi Foscale's 4-Step Strategy for Building a Real Estate Portfolio
This is a how-to guide to build up your Real Estate Portfolio.
5.0 Luigi Foscale's 4-Step Strategy for Building a Real Estate Portfolio 

5.1. Step 1: Control your mind

6. Investing in Real Estate
Discover why Real Estate Investments are attractive now, and how to take profit; and discover all the know how from a international investor.
By reading this Glossary, you will learn how to read between the lines of any business media.
7.1. The new opportunity

7.2. Inflation

7.3. Leadership
7.5. Leverage
8. New Age of Economy
This section shows the past from the future’s point of view, besides it will anticipate what happens next.
8.3. Win the Crisis
The point of view of a global player.

9.1. On European Union
9.1.4. Finally
9.1.5. Euro on the closing of last day of third quarter 

9.2. On USA
9.2.1. US unemployment rate at 7,8%

9.3. On Russia and Friends
9.3.1. Luigi Foscale on Russia
10. Luigi Foscale Answer
If you have a question, write me at ; the best questions will be published.

10.1. Luigi Foscale answers

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