Friday, November 2, 2012

The No Generation

We all know many baby boomers are now next to retirement and if we look at how life has treated them we find an happier generation than ours: they had jobs, a secure income, they had the chance to buy a property home and most of all, they enjoyed life. They created wealth.
Now the situation has changed: today even if you have a job or you own a business, everything is less stable. 
If you are under 30, you are in the “No generation” but if you are jobless and in your forties, you are deeper in the “No generation”.
No income, no Job, no Assets.
A dark future. In particular, if you are more than 40 years old but you had many career changes and you are used to be fired within few months, the situation is much more dramatic.
Maybe you feel like a passive viewer of other people’s success… and maybe you complain about other people’s fortune too… Maybe you need a new car every three years… and in your household you have a couple of brand new cars…. and you have many hobbies and in the end you are like a child... but you are an adult! And if you meet a successful person you may envy him because you think you are better than him. He’s got a successful life while yours sucks. However you don’t think about what he went through to reach that kind of success. 
If you are in this situation, or if you are in the “No generation” and you really want to change your life for good, you only need one thing: Changing your mindset. 
Don’t blame others for their success and stop complaining about the crisis. 
Start working to improve your situation. If you accept your difficult position you already did 50% of your whole job.
The odd part is to work diligently everyday and take the challenge! Instead of blaming others, you should learn the word “humility”. 
You need to accept your mistakes and clearly acknowledge you got a problem. Look at your past mistakes. Look at your work attitude. Look at what you could do for your boss, and not what he should do for you. Look at your thoughts. Are they positive? or negative? If, they are negative, there is something wrong in your long standing way of negative thinking.
This is the first point. Accept your fault and start doing something about it. Thus, write clearly what you want from life.
Second point: Look at your income and your lifestyle.
And if you find a gap, please do not hesitate to make some cuts to your spending. Maybe you have some expensive hobbies… or maybe you got some bad habits, I know it is hard, but this is the time to give your life a makeover.
If you start cutting unnecessary expenses, your household will improve. Although you got to be honest with yourself and don’t lie. This is not the time to lie to yourself …unless what you want is a miserable future. Because that’s what you re going to get if you don’t accept your situation. Please be aware If you lose the train, you will only have a miserable future.
Only after you accept your mistakes and tear your pride apart, you can set your goal.

If you want to succeed you need to start walking in a diligent way!

Luigi Foscale


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