Friday, November 16, 2012

The Yes Generation

In my latest post, "The No Generation" , I dealt with a difficult reality. However if I decided to write that post it's to let people understand that a hope does exist.
Indeed there is also a Yes Generation.

If the NG is the NO generation (no job, no income, no asset), the YG is represented by who has a job who makes money or has an asset, like properties or a patrimony.

If I had to mark the main psychological traits of the YG, I would say optimism and self-confidence to its own future are the main features.

On the opposite, the NG is passive, pessimist and tends to complain about its own condition.

The YG has many problems as well because it lives in a situation of general crisis. However it's the very desire of redeem itself, to express its own creativity that pulls the YG to think mainly how to overcome any problem. 

It would be wrong to paint the YG like a generation that lives an idyllic situation or that it pleases itself in the la la land.

However if it handles to overcome its problems it's because it sees beyond. It's because it's focused on its goal, on the solution and not on the problem. If we had to re-read it all, the YG applies the attraction law in a positive way; the NG applies it in a negative way.

If your mental attitude is continuously moaning about the situation you found yourself, the result will be to attract more problems. If your attitude is instead to find a solution to the problems, so it's easier to get out of it. And to build up something.

So your creative desire together with the planned action are the fundamental features of the YG.

Those who belongs to the NO Generation, you can't say they don't want to be successful. Everyone can say that loves to be successful, but to desire something in a generic way it's not enough. in order to be successful you got to do something.

However, despite the global crisis in which we find ourselves today, we might find the Yes generation acting in the most unexpected places, like in Eastern Europe, where many young successful folks found their way. 
I am talking about folks I personally know. It's about young people between 23 and 40 who live in countries like Russia, Romania, Bulgaria, Poland and the common thread it's the typical YG features: Creativity, Problem Solving attitude, being optimist rather than spending your time moaning.

An YG example is given by C, a Croatian physician who graduated in Medicine in Rijeka (HR). Since not a long time she moved to another country and today she works in a Health Care Center.
C lives with his boyfriend who also has a job, she bought a house with a mortgage and she's now planning to have a family. Why this story should be considered so extraordinary?

Simply because this physician is only 24 years old and in a country like Italy for example when you re 24 you re still in school like a good Italian slacker!

In Italy many people even in their 30's or 40's they still have to decide what direction they will take, they live with their Italy this situation is so spread out that they also made tv shows on this category of people without provoking any kind of disdain because that's a situation that completely fits with the concept of normal for Italy's culture.

In many countries when you re 24 you re a grown-up person since a long time.

Italy fully represents the NO Generation attitude. Complaining is an usual custom.

If you talk to a retailer you will realize these people always complain about something both we are in a financial crisis or in a surplus.

Italians have a bad habit because not only they complain about almost anything, but worse they don't do anything to change their situation. Actually they try to find other people who are in their same situation of disquiet, or better failure and once they find each other, once they're together they can better hate and envy whoever is successful.

This is the major difference between the YG and the NG.

If somebody today thinks to be in a better situation only because he lives in a "rich" country he makes a great evaluation mistake. 

Those who live in advanced capitalism countries, the so called rich countries, they are actually living in mature economies (or worse "old economies") And mature economies have many debts... because they are countries that have been living for years in over their heads.

In a little while all the chickens will come home to roost. Actually they already came, you can look at the unemployment level of the young people in Italy....

Personally I admire the Yes Generation, of whatever country, religion or ethnic group they belong to. The YG is a generation that wants to create its own future with their own hands. The YG is transversal because there are people with similar features in different world areas.

Today the world has new balances, you have to be quick and pick them up. Otherwise you re left out.

What worked three years ago, today it doesn't work anymore. Once they said "you study you become an engineer, and you find your way to the industry" . Today it isn't true anymore, so those who based their own lives upon this certainty in a little while they will receive bad news...

The Axiom "I live in a rich country and I have a permanent position ( I relax myself) it's not valid anymore, because today we live in a new era with a new physics.

The Western World generation that today is between 25 and 45 should learn from who has found his way or is making a fortune in the BRIC countries (Brasil, Russia, India, China).

Look how many company managers under 45 there are in Russia and you make a comparison with Italy....In Italy there are people in Congress since when Nixon was at the White House.

We have seen that there exist a YG and a NG and these two represent two different ways to understand life. At this point, I would rise a question. How can I in a simple word distinguish the two generations? And again, how can I understand in a very short time if a person belongs to the YG or the NG?

The answer is very easy.

When you feel if you are hungry or you feel your stomach is full, you are able to understand if you are a Yes or a NO.

The truth is that hunger is the basis of everything. The burning desire to be successful is the real key to success.

If we pick up the hunger metaphor as a key to success, we have to acknowledge that unfortunately the only thing that the NG has learned "is to find their dish ready" as they say in Italy, in other words they never learned is to stand on their own feet. And that's exactly what made them so weak.

And now that they have to make a living on their own they don't know how to do it.

Actually they found a way, because they don't resign themselves starving without a whimper (also because that's what they do best). Their strategy is to occupy squares asking the government for a job. Governments must create the basis to develop the economy through the business development, if the government doesn't do it, then it's right to protest.

However the hypothesis of a social salary is wrong anyway, because it strengthen the idea of welfarism at any cost, that completely kills the survival instinct which in the NG is already weak.

We should always keep in mind the Chinese wisdom: "don't give your son a fish every day but teach him how to fish". So he will be able to get the fish for his entire lifetime.

Hungry is willing to create. This is the YG.

Angry is fear of losing. This is the NG.

According to the Law of Attraction, everyone is right. Both if he thinks to belong to the YG or the NG. Although remember: the more you focus on a status the more this will tend to broaden. It's called Resonance and this is also another universal law.

Think positive!

Luigi Foscale

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