Tuesday, May 1, 2012

One of those very reasons of the crisis… which nobody talks about it

As a businessman I am deeply convinced, (I was and I always will) that businesses are made of people.

The right people are those who make business fly. The wrong ones make them sink. Companies are managed by people, so if you lose control over the company management because you just focus on the numbers you re going to lose control over the people who manage the company too.

I personally know many financiers who invested in the financial industry without taking interest on its management. The outcomes were dramatic: depersonalized companies, wrongful dismissals, bankruptcies, company crisis…

So it’s absolutely crucial going back to the basics, because management is so important. Management means knowing how to work things out.

On this particular issue I am for studying the crisis because it’s true that “every problem carries the seeds of its own solution”.

Luigi Foscale

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