Saturday, May 5, 2012

If Italy Was a Company, It Would be Bankrupt

Unfortunately a true story.

The government has no cash when it has to pay us. In fact, when it’s up to us, Italian Citizens who have to pay taxes, we get literally slaughtered by all kind of taxes: Irap, Iva, Excise duties… and compared to the number of taxes we have, we don’t get a proportionate amount of government benefits. So where do all the tax revenues go?

To understand how Italy is going, you have to consider the government as one single family.

The big Italian family cashes a good salary and this is made of taxes. The salary is high and allows you to buy a nice home with a nice kitchen, a refrigerator, a TV set and a nice living room, a number of bedrooms, bathrooms and a shower. These are investments on infrastructures. Then I would expect my fridge to be full of fruits, vegetables, meat and fish. A pantry stored with pasta, bread, corn flakes and a good stash of medications.

In our comparison scheme, these are the expenses for the health care services. Then I would expect my home to be clean and even in this case it’s an easy comparison. So why in Italy roads are in such poor conditions? Why railway trains are crumbling and the health care system is in trouble? The reason is simple: tax money is wasted. To use our example: there’s a family member who spend the family budget by going gambling at the casino while at home his family relatives are starving, sick and have no access to primary care.

The Italian Government cashes a huge amount of euros from taxes and spending its money the wrong way. The majority of the Italian people are trampled on by their government poor management.

For the non-Italian readers, I want to provide them with more precise information regarding Politics. Here I am not targeting a specific political party or another. It’s a system that goes beyond political parties. So it’s necessary that a major reform to take place in order to change the Italian system.

I personally think raising taxes at this time is a huge mistake because the Italian people are now on the edge of bankruptcy. Instead I think it would be more appropriate to decrease the cost of bureaucracy and the cost of Political privileges.

Therefore it is necessary that everyone starts his/her own Wealth Corner to provide that sense of goodness that unfortunately at today you can’t find anymore.

The sooner you start the sooner you re going to feel better.

And if you purchase a Real Estate property and rent it out you can get that private income you deserve.

Luigi Foscale


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