Thursday, May 31, 2012

Learning from rich people’s biography

There are many strategy books that aim at teaching you how to become rich.
My advice is very easy: You can learn much from studying how did someone become rich. 
Studying the lives of people of accomplishment can give you insight on their strategy, on the processes used, and they may inspire you how to become rich. If a person became rich with a certain strategy and you get to know that strategy because it fits your way of thinking or for any other reason, you can become rich too. 
Learning from the life of rich people can definitely help you if you are interested in becoming rich. Just find someone whose situation you feel to have some sort of affinity to (because of his/her personality, field of study, type of job) then focus on the strategy he/she adopted to reach his/her goals and that’s it. 
I am not saying you have to copy and paste it, in fact you have to take his bio as a starting point, as a series of creative inputs where you can start from and by adapting his/her formula to the peculiarity of your situation so that his/her way becomes Your way of becoming rich. 
Luigi Foscale

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