Friday, May 18, 2012

Is it fair we pay the crisis? What about the generation before ours?

If you are reading this, you are less than 50 years old and you think it’s unfair the crisis weight is all on your shoulders.

Let’s start from a simple fact: the crisis was created by the Baby Boomers.
Another simple fact: we are in the globalization period, so whoever can move from one country to another.
Now if we consider there are rich countries and poor countries and in the poor ones there are more taxes, depression and economic crisis.

Three factual elements. We add another element: the discontent of the young people who cannot find a job you got an explosive mix. Ask yourself a question many young people do: “If in Italy (or in Greece) I can’t find a job, I have many taxes because of the many mistakes by the governments of the past 60 years… why should I live here?
Isn’t better I move to a richer country like Germany?
This way of thinking, could be able to move masses of people from depressed areas that eventually can become desert.

The risk is some countries, the poorest ones, are at risk of depopulation. Here it’s not about a simple brain drain; it’s a mass escape.

From the italian restaurateur who finds his way to Germany to the professional nurse who easily finds a job in a country like Switzerland. Government officials should understand we must provide incentives to our people in order to stay where they live.
In order to do so they should work on development policies and major incentives for businesses so they can hire workers.
Luigi Foscale


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