Wednesday, June 20, 2012

The Future will be Low Cost, by Luigi Foscale

Let’s focus on the Real Estate Market of the main world cities. 

Until yesterday, upper class people used to live in central or residential areas, usually in huge apartments, penthouse, or luxury villa rigorously downtown. I remember it was kind of difficult to find a nice property downtown Milano and those who owned one of those places, were considered super lucky or super rich. 

Today, we have a new scenario. If you check the apartment listings, you will find plenty of those downtown luxury apartments. Why? 

Because of what we can define it as an Epochal shift. 

Today things have completely changed and everything is different. This is not only a market signal, but also the sign of a major social change. You know, Real Estate Market follows social shifts. In the future everyone will live in smaller and cheaper units because of the rising cost of living. 

The main point is: how can I take advantage from such a change? In a few days I will let you know how to buy Low Cost apartments both for living or investment. 

Luigi Foscale

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