Friday, June 15, 2012

Luigi Foscale answer. Is the impossible, possible?

Of course yes.
If you want to improve your financial situation, you need to start thinking what you really want and see yourself as if you already own the object of your desire. Sounds too good to be truth? In fact this is very real... You just need to imagine yourself as if you already had what you desire. 
For example, if you want a new car you go visit a car dealer and schedule a test drive. After the drive you have to imagine yourself still driving that car. Stay focused on that emotion. 
Your time is now. 
My suggestion is: "do it right now!". Don't delay your dreams nor store them in your “someday” ideals, like “when I am rich I will have…” , because in such a situation you are telling yourself “I don’t have that thing and never do”. Be positive, stay focused on the present and be aware the best time to act is now.
If you stay focused on your will you'll be amazed to discover that sooner than what you imagine you can manifest whatever you want. 
Luigi Foscale

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