Saturday, November 24, 2012

Private Banking in Real Estate: It’s Italy time

We are experiencing a new Copernican shift.

Today in Italy Private Banking is in everyone’s range if you conceive it as Real Estate Private Banking.

Let’s see together some aspects of present day’s scenario. 

First clue: The crisis. In my latest posts we have been examining the crisis. Now a few months have passed and the crisis has become an opportunity because prices are incredibly low. Crisis means low price. Crisis also means perfect timing. Prices are low at this very moment, so you have to take advantage of them. Carpe diem.

Milan is Italy’s richest city, time on the market is passed by 2 to 6 months for a property in a prime area. Prices lowered of an average 30%, however in certain cases the demand to cash out is so high that the seller also accept reduced offers of 50% compared to the 2007 values.

For this reason, today investing in Italy and mostly in a city like Milan has become a unique and unrepeatable opportunity.

Even Florence can be an excellent area for a real estate investment. What do you think of a € 2.000 (per sq. mt.) for a nice apartment?

Before 2008 such prices would have been absolutely unthinkable….Actually, to make an offer with today’s prices would had been even offensive in some case.

If you like to know more about or if you have specific need, you can contact me at . I will get back to you personally.

Second clue. The Brand. In Africa there are 1 billion people and according to Reuters this number is set to double in the next 40 years. Read this study from Reuters.

Same thing for China and India. So there are 3 billion people today and 6 billion in the following 40 years. The majority of these people dream and will dream about doing the world famous Italy’s Grand Tour to visit Rome, Florence and Venice….I call this the Tourism Brand.

The World Tourism Organization reports the following ten countries as the most visited in terms of the number of international travellers.

to 2011
79.5 million
77.1 million
North America
62.3 million
59.8 million
57.6 million
55.7 million
56.7 million
52.7 million
46.1 million
43.6 million

The figure shows in the past two years Italy had the highest percentage of growth in International Tourist Arrivals after Spain whose first position is due to the internal economic crisis that made its prices plummeting. Source: World Tourism Organization (UNWTO)

However this favourable situation needs to be supported, structured and promoted. At this regard, I recommend you my post in which I describe my formula to restart Italy’s economy.

Third clue. Property Management.

Property Management is now a well established practice globally. Indeed in the U.S. or in other economically advanced countries you can find a great number of companies that are able to manage your property. Despite the fact Italy always had a bad reputation about business management, the situation has now changed. In fact property management has become an established practice in Italy and there are many companies and professionals in this business.

The most important clue is the fourth, that concerns those who are in charge in Italy.

The so-called big wigs they know very well Italy is not at risk under the financial point of view and the undersigned is absolutely positive at this regard because I had the chance to learn that many “big shots” are now investing in both commercial and residential properties in the major Italian cities.

Talking to some of these people and to people next to them, I had the impression that all of them are convinced Italy is not in such bad waters as they want us to believe...but the contrary.

And they are totally right because as some Wall Street broker said some time ago:” Italy is too big to bail out”.

So you may now asking yourself: ”why Italy is often compared to Greece?”

Simple: Media are arm in arm with those in the government. Nobody goes against “the system”. Indeed, if this community is so successful is because somebody thinks that reality is way different from the one media want us to buy every day .

And they do it for their own advantage: indeed media are ditching something they are buying at the same time in total silence. Do you remember my post in which I revealed the secret of the spread mechanism?

There it goes. Now it’s the time of the Real Estate market.

Italy won’t fail.

Remember these words: It’s Italy time.

There are very interesting properties in Florence, Milan as they are the place with more opportunities. Today you can buy an apartment with less than 180 grand.

I am always by your side, because I am one of you

Watch out!

Luigi Foscale, One of you

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