Friday, September 28, 2012

Are you ready to get out from the crisis? If yes, keep reading

All the world’s governments are in deep crisis.
How can I get out of the crisis?
If you expect anything from them, you are going to be deeply disappointed. You better think about yourself.
Wake up! Just ask yourself a simple question: how can I quickly get out of the crisis?

Answer: I have to become rich and when I say rich, I do not mean living a wealthy lifestyle. My concept of being rich, is when somebody has enough cash flow, to prop up his desired lifestyle. The concept of “wealthy” is extremely subjective, so is everyone’s lifestyle.
Winning the crisis, could be easy indeed: everyone of us should have as a life goal to become rich. If we give up by passively undergoing this crisis, we stay poor and we will always be in a permanent state of crisis If, on the other hand, we are to immediately get busy to create our own wealth, we would be able to save ourselves from the abyss.
My statement for today is: You have to build your own wealth.
Obviously, it would be desirable that together with our efforts, those in charge in the government should adopt some common sense while on duty. Here, I wish to recall the debt crisis, the government waste, and the crisis of values. All these things do not depend on us but unfortunately these are situations we are forced to undergo.
So we have to do something about it: first we have to fight. Because our own government doesn’t provide us with the certainty that the crisis will be over soon, so we have to get busy ourselves.  It’s us who have to win the crisis. Not in the macroeconomics scale, but in the domestic field and within the business microeconomics. It’s all on ourselves. Actually it’s on YOURSELF!
That’s why controlling the cash flow is key. In my latest post "The Survival Handbook" you did read that cash-flow has to be useful and not just academic theory.

Today I say: “you have to have your Cash Flow under control, otherwise it will control you.”
And, if you check my blog regularly, you’ll become rich.
First: we have to create an Automatic Cash-flow.
What’s an Automatic Cash Flow? An Automatic Cash Flow (ACF) is a continuous flow of income on a permanent basis. The flow is generated autonomously, without your work being necessary to make it happen. The only thing you have to do is to check with your bank if the cash is there.

What about the ACF?
Property Rent, income from fixed securities, income from an insurance plan, royalties from copyright, or from participating to a Multi-level marketing (MLM).
How can I set up an ACF? My advice is to immediately take your first step. Right away, right now! I suggest you to invest in something that provides you with an immediate income. Even if it’s something small, you have to start right away. When you re finished reading this. Take your first step....especially in a moment like this, opportunities are endless and all over the places.
Go visit any real estate website, and fill in the budget search box with the minimum price accepted. You’ll be amazed at the values appearing in the slot! Eventually you can sell your investment with a profit, so you will be able to grow your wealth.
How can I maximize my investment’s income? In the early stage, my advice is you don’t have to focus on investments which can only provide you with a capital gain, without any cash-flow (like Gold for example). Even if gold could be an excellent investment in times like these, in the early stage of your strategy, your number one priority is to invest in something that is able to immediately establish a Cash Flow.
I am talking about an apartment, a garage or a basement, which are more appropriate because from those investments you can quickly get an ACF.

How do you feel with an active cash flow?
Believe me: You’ll feel damn good!

Also the non-specialists can understand the Cash Flow mechanism?
Many self-made men did not go to College while there are many graduate people who it’s not a matter of what school you attended or what did you graduate in or how old you are, it’s only about your MOTIVATION to succeed. It’s your will to become wealthy that really matter and mostly it’s about knowing how to manage money. YOUR MONEY!

Knowing how to manage your money, means you have to make the right investment choices down the road, so you have to know how to spend without wasting and make sure your income other than being higher than your spending it has to increase in value in a continuous/exponential way.
So knowing how to manage your cash flow is absolutely crucial.
Remember: creating wealth means building wealth. You have to build your own wealth.
And if you start to build up assets that provide you with an ACF, you will be able to create wealth for yourself and for your community as well. And if apart from us, other people would like to join our effort, we will forget about this crisis in a nanosecond.
Today the crisis stays up because everybody only talk about the crisis and not about the way to overcome it. 

Since today you should try to watch the news with a critical eye and while watching your favourite business show on TV you may hear the word “crisis” then you should think to what you read today on this blog.
If you want to get out of the crisis you have to get busy right now!
How can we win the crisis?
Plain and simple: Learn how to create and manage the money.
The sooner you learn what Cash Flow is and how to turn it to your own advantage, the faster you ll have Automatic and Continuous Cash Flow.

Luigi Foscale

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