Wednesday, July 4, 2012

CNN: "Rentals are Growing"

Even if we all know about the crisis that has been affecting the Real Estate market, it's simply amazing that Rentals are now going up again.
Does it sound too good to be true? But indeed this is true. In the past 12 months Rentals have risen of 5.4%!! Read this article on CNN. This is the proof that (as I have been saying in the past 12 months) investing in Real Estate has never been so lucrative and now it's payback time! Thank you Retire Rich!
This is a good signal for investors of any kind, because the real estate market has a huge range of investment opportunities of all size. 
This is the right time for investing in one of the few businesses on the rise: Rental Income Properties. If you like to see more opportunities, visit this website, you ll find some very valuable properties for sale in Florence, Switzerland and Milan.

Luigi Foscale

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